Re: portable digital recorders

Subject: Re: portable digital recorders
From: Lucio Garau (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 04:53:10 EDT

Il giorno 13/mag/04, alle 10:27, Petri Kuljuntausta ha scritto:

>> What do people know about portable digital recorders? I specifically
>> want something which:
>> -is hand-sized (small)
>> -can record at cd quality
>> -can upload to a computer digitally via usb or firewire
>> -phantom power would be nice plus, but not necessary
> Hi,
> Creative has published very practical hard disc recorder, it is small
> [like
> portable CD player], there is two type of recording quality: wav
> [48khz/16b] and mp3, I/O is analogue&digi.
> I can't remember the size of the hard disc, but I think it was at least
> 8GB... If you need more recording time, it is also possible to change
> the
> hard disc to bigger one [it is standard computer hard disc, so my
> friend
> has 20-30 GB installed now].

Hi petri
can you post the exact number model? or an url?

I look on the creative site and I find only mp3


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