Re: portable digital recorders

Subject: Re: portable digital recorders
From: Petri Kuljuntausta (
Date: Thu May 13 2004 - 04:27:06 EDT

>What do people know about portable digital recorders? I specifically
>want something which:
>-is hand-sized (small)
>-can record at cd quality
>-can upload to a computer digitally via usb or firewire
>-phantom power would be nice plus, but not necessary

Creative has published very practical hard disc recorder, it is small [like
portable CD player], there is two type of recording quality: wav
[48khz/16b] and mp3, I/O is analogue&digi.

I can't remember the size of the hard disc, but I think it was at least
8GB... If you need more recording time, it is also possible to change the
hard disc to bigger one [it is standard computer hard disc, so my friend
has 20-30 GB installed now].

The model that my friend has is very reliable, it costs something like
300-400 euros. Only think is that if you're making many hours long
continous recordings there will be two second long pause in recording in
every 2 [or 3] hour -- if I remember correctly this pause depends on the
model of hard disc. But despite of that tiny problem my friend is very
happy with it.

Portable hard disc recorders are developing fastly, just yesterday I heard
news that soon we will have very compact hard disc recorders that could
capture uncompressed video data without any problems, the image quality of
these new models is incredible, and the price is reasonable...


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