Re: Electroacoustic Flute Music

Subject: Re: Electroacoustic Flute Music
Date: Thu May 06 2004 - 09:06:03 EDT

Quoting Eliot Handelman <>:

> The first instrument/electroid combo period is theoretically
> Stockhausen's Kontakte -- 59/60 -- earlier?

I think Theremin was combining electronics with instruments, probably strings,
in the 1920's. Certainly by the the 30s Clare Rockmore was doing this. Also
Henry Cowell for some demo concerts with Theremin's rhythmicon composed a
violin/rhythmicon duet in 1932. Weren't there also Ondes Martinet compositions
prior to WWII that included acoustic instruments? And Ballet Mechanique used
electric buzzers, but that may be stretching the point.

--David Mooney

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