Re: Electroacoustic Flute Music

Subject: Re: Electroacoustic Flute Music
From: Ned Bouhalassa (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 14:30:43 EDT

Well, for one thing, it has a pure tone. This makes it fairly easy to
combine it with more complex elements/sounds. It can also be easily
synthesized, allowing for a blending of synthesized and acoustic
versions. It sits very nicely between loud and soft dynamics, again
facilitating the mixing in of electronics. It features the human
breath, something that is often lacking in electronic music, making it
a good complement to bleeps and zaps. Easy to carry, futuristic-looking
(especially in shiny metal).


On 04-05-05, at 14:13, Eliot Handelman wrote:

> Is the flute in fact not the instrument most often conjoined with
> electronics?
> If so, is there something inherently electronizable about the flute?
> -- eliot

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