Grants for ICMC 2005

Subject: Grants for ICMC 2005
From: Andres Lewin (
Date: Wed May 05 2004 - 05:47:05 EDT

International Music Grants on the occasion of ICMC 2005 Barcelona

2004 Call

The Pompeu Fabra University's Audiovisual Institute (IUA) and the Phonos
Foundation on the occasion of the 2005 International Computer Music
Conference in Barcelona would like to promote the technologies developed by
the Music Technology Group (MTG) of the IUA and therefore makes an
international call for grants which are published at the websites of the IUA
, the International Computer Music Association ( and
ICMC 2005 ( ).

Supported by :

General conditions

  1.. The grants will be given to individuals. The call is made to artists
at international level with no age limit.
  2.. The number of grants to be awarded is 2 and the funding for each one
is 6.000 ?.
  3.. The amount of the grant will be mainly used to cover the travel
expenses and the stay of the artists in Barcelona in order work at the IUA
premises for the development of the project, getting acquainted with the
available software and interacting with the local researchers.
  4.. The awarded artists may use the IUA equipment and will receive
technical assistance for the production of his/her work.
  5.. The works have to be produced in four months between October 1st, 2004
and June 28th 2005.
  6.. The following points will be taken into account in order to award the
    a.. The interest and quality of the project
    b.. The experience of the applicant in the field of new technologies and
musical creation
    c.. Priority will be given to those projects which are related to the
research lines at the MTG. Please look out for this information at the MTG
    d.. The compatibility of the project with the Audiovisual Institute and
the Phonos Foundation's research objectives and facilities.
  7.. The Audiovisual Institute and the Phonos Foundation will establish
with the artist the process of production of the work, the facilities to be
employed, and the final timescale for its completion.
  8.. The Audiovisual Institute and the Phonos Foundation reserve the right
to organize the first performance of the works produced in the context of
their activities, and particularly during ICMC 2005, both institutions will
be mentioned as producers in the work credits. The author rights will remain
in the hands of the artist.
  9.. The Audiovisual Institute and the Phonos Foundation will publish the
results of the Jury about July 15th through this web page. The awarded
artists will be notified by letter with the specific conditions of the
grant. The applicants not selected can retrieve their project documentation
in the time to be specified.

Applications should be formalized before June 20th 2004 and must include:

    1.. The application form properly completed
    2.. The author's curriculum
    3.. A summary of previous works, if any, related to the present call
    4.. A description of the project
    5.. A production schedule
Applications should be sent by mail to

Joana Clotet.
IUA-Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
Passeig de Circumval·lació,8

For details and further information, please contact Joana Clotet

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