Re: Out of U. was Re: AMProject Update

Subject: Re: Out of U. was Re: AMProject Update
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 17:25:06 EDT

Last year attendance at EuCue concerts ran from 20-25 to 80-90. One
major problem is that the Concert Hall is 7 km from downtown and bus
service after 9:30 becomes infrequent.

But we'll take you up on your offer ... watch this space >>

for details



At 16:26 -0400 2004/05/04, andrea cornell wrote:
>It seems that many of these events are held at the university
>because it has access to a space with more favorable acoustics than,
>say, la SAT, and the money issue also factors as Kevin explained.
>Maybe it would be wise to do some sort of advertising about this
>lecture/concert series on CKUT or CIBL, to get the word out so that
>there arent only 20 people or so who attend.

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