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Subject: Re: Out of U. was Re: AMProject Update
From: Kevin Austin (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 14:52:12 EDT

I agree. It is partly a matter of resources, human and material.

The situation here is that the university contributes approximately
$20-$25,000 per year in terms of space / equipment, and $5-$10,000 in
human resources. The EuCuE Series (real $) budget is under $1000 per
year ($50 - $75 per concert).

I encourage others to pursue these other (a)venues and to form
inter-university / extra-university connections.



At 10:18 -0400 2004/05/04, Louis Dufort wrote:
> > Montreal, QC
>> 2004 - V - 04
>>>> Acoustic Mapping Project -- informal update
>Seems very interesting, but it makes me wonder how it would be cool
>if those conferences could be presented, in the future, out of the
>wall of a University into a more open space such as la SAT (or
>It's harder to organize but a lot of new sound artists are not aware
>of sound diffusion and a good way to reach them is by presenting our
>views and concept in places that are vectors for new sound artists.
>It's just a remark, that in the future, even for your concerts, It
>would be best (especially for the students) to present their music
>outside of the University.
>At the conservatory, where I teach, we do our concerts in Maison de
>La Culture, which brings up a new public and is quiet interesting.
>Just a thought that goes for all universities in general.

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