New Noise concert, 5th May, London

Subject: New Noise concert, 5th May, London
From: Ian Stonehouse (
Date: Tue May 04 2004 - 11:02:16 EDT

Goldsmiths College Electronic Music Studios
present ensemble-in-residence

Janey Miller (oboe), Joby Burgess (percussion)

Wednesday 5th May

Recital Room, Music Department
Goldsmiths College, London SE14

Admission Free - All welcome


Pieces for oboe, percussion & electronics (incl. Max/MSP) by

Tim Bowman, Mette Bille, Emma Ringqvist, Alex Georgoulopoulos,
Mihalis Bourzoukos and John Paul Carter.

Plus electroacoustic compositions from Aki Fujimoto, Collette
Crosbie, Li-Chuan Chong.


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