granny'ark, naw, scant intone, cyan, moohk @ phoniq may 14th 2004

Subject: granny'ark, naw, scant intone, cyan, moohk @ phoniq may 14th 2004
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Date: Fri Apr 30 2004 - 09:46:44 EDT

friday may 14 2004

phoniq brings you an evening of dubby minimalism



granny'ark - live -

and the local stylings of

naw - live -
scant intone - live -
cyan - dj - modular systems ckut fm
moohk - dj - slug farm
jose garcia - visuals - fifteen pounds

all happening at
casa del popolo,
4873 st-laurent
montreal canada
for the small amount of

for more info visit

The phoniq collective brings you the first in a series of audio/visual
explorations into the intersections between technology and art.
This time around phoniq will feature an assembly of artists all working
to create an immersive experience. The evening will feature:
the return of Vancouver's GrannyArk who's recently released record on
Berlin's Zora Lanson records has been receiving glowing reviews from the
european press.

Rounding out the night's entertainment will be panospria label head
Scant Intone, slug farm's own Moohk and resident phoniq artists: naw and cyan
as well as an installation by local projection artist Jose Garcia, who will
provide spacial shapeshifting via various projection sources.

phoniq's inaugral event will visit the many facets of techno: ambient,
idm, minimal, dub, house and experimental music(s).



phoniq is a collective of individuals dedicated to promoting bleeding edge
electronic art in interesting variable environments, with an emphasis on
exposing aural and visual talent that has not yet been exposed to the electronic
arts communities of montreal. We aim to showcase upstart music producers, djs,
record labels and emerging visual artists all working in electronic realms. Our
foremost goal is to showcase off the wall and raw genres of music and visual
electronic arts- not just those that are currently "en vogu"
or will be shortly.

The concept for phoniq came together through the chance meeting of 2 active
members of the montreal/canadian electronic music and digital arts community:
ckut-fm dj/host cyan and dub glitch techno producer naw. phoniq has grown out
of the combined histories of these 2 individuals. naw brings the clonk legacy
that he created 6 years ago in toronto, which hosted such artists as:
monolake, kit clayton, tikiman/scion and sutekh.
cyan brings her ongoing involvement in community radio (modular systems),
event coordinating and dj talents.

(aka Michelle Irving)

granny'ark generally has several irons in the fire. As an electronic music
composer she synthesizes field recordings with acoustic samples. Her style
is not easy to categorize, but is something like minimal, deep, organic
techno with a compositional edge that defies prediction. The effect is a kind of
experiemental form of storytelling with sound which takes you simultaneously
closer to and away from the familiar. Currently she is studying for a MSC
degree at the school for Computing Arts and Design Sciences at Simon Fraser
University. She has toured across Canada and Europe performing with artists
including Tim Hecker, Vitamins4you, NAW, Crackhaus, Ghislain Poirier, Jimmy
Edgar, Andrew Duke, Inter-mission, Loscil, Souns, and others.
Last year Granny'Ark was featured at the New Forms Festival in Vancouver, BC,
and the Music Gallery, Toronto, Ont.


aka Neil Wiernik (b.1967)

Montreal native Neil Wiernik began his explorations in electronic music making as early as 1988. Known to push the boundaries of his musical form from designing new or manipulating existing sound making devices and software to creative uses of production environments and sound sources, naws music is a blend of sound manipulation/design, experimental musics and dub-tech rhythms, which on the surface sound quite simple, but incorporate a number of touches that steer this artist away from being simply another minimal techno or experimental laptop artist. He combines post-house, dubby minimal techno, microsound and thick ambience, to create his own version of deep techno, house and other electronic laptop oriented musics. Neil has released music on various national and international record labels, including releases on Noise Factory, Worthy, Complot, Piehead, A/S Systems, Wabi and Future Rhetoric. As naw, Neil has performed extensively along side a variety of national and international artists both in and outside of Canada.

scant intone ------------ Audio/Visual Artist, Performer, Designer Constantine Katsiris (b. 1980 - Saskatoon, Canada)

Constantine has been active in exploring the electronic arts since the early 1990s. He became involved in the BBS scene at a young age, tracking music modules and drawing ascii art. By 1996 he chose the alias Khanfucius and began as a DJ, playing an assortment of strange, abstract and ambient music at local clubs, raves and other events in the prairies. His active involvement in the scene spawned many projects, including the event production company Uninhibited Sound System with his fellow DJs and the artistic collective Panospria. Musical side projects around this time included playing laptop and synths in the improv electronic band Mandelbrot Set and co-producing an album as Break Fluid with Sasafras of the hip hop group Isosceles. His first solo album as Khanfucius, The Phuzzillogikal Basement Tapes 96-98, was compiled and released independently prior to moving to Dublin, Ireland in 1999. This release caught the attention of radio DJ Keith Downey who invited him to co-host his show on Kiss FM called Psychonavigation. Keith would go on to start Psychonavigation Records and release music by Constantine and his Canadian associates. Upon his return to Canada, he took up residence in Ontario and studied in the fields of audio and multimedia. Since 2001, his focus has been fixed on his experimental music and sound-art project as Scant Intone. Currently living in Montreal, he is working on upcoming solo and collaborative works as well as coordinating projects for both Panospria and Psychonavigation Records.

cyan ---- (aka Corina MacDonald)

Montreal based DJ, radio host and budding techno producer cyan was born and raised in the western provinces of Canada. In 1994 while living in Scotland she was introduced to the dj culture associated with electronic dance music and was inspired to begin exploring the art of djing. When she returned to Canada, she decided that Montreal would be an ideal city to set her roots down and start exploring this approach to music. DJ culture was not a foreign concept to her and it was a logical extension of her ongoing work in community radio, which began in 1990 in Calgary and continued in Montreal from 1996 on. She now co-hosts CKUT FM's Modular Systems: an electronic music magazine program. Her sound can best be described as layered raw & funky, dense & deep techno rhythms, influenced by the techno and house sounds of Detroit. cyan can be found regularly playing at various venues in and around Montreal, and has played alongside such artists as naw, noah pred and lynne t. She has recently released her 6th independently produced DJ mix called The Gravity Protocol, which has been received in a very positive light by reviewers and techno fans alike. She is hard at work in the studio concocting her own variation on electronic dance music. cyan is involved in the phoniq collective, where she co-curates and organizes independent electronic music events featuring local producers and visual artists, and can be seen regularly at these events working the wheels of steel.

moohk ----- ambient tues-dis

montreal's own experimental idm ambient dj moohk is a resident dj and founder of the ambient tues-dis collective. moohk has been part of the Montreal electronic music scene for a number of years now, putting on various loft and gallery events under the names of: slug farm, the people under the stairs [puts] and most recently emergency february party. moohk's renegade spirit can be felt not only in the guerilla style events she has become famous for both here in Montreal and in the Canadian Prairies, but can also be felt in the type of tracks she plays. edgy, experimental off the wall sounds and melodies all mixed into a ride that can take you from one end of the electronic spectrum to the other. Moohk can be found weekly on Tuesday night spinning her favorite new tracks at missy bar for the ambient tues-dis.

jose garcia ----------- fifteen pounds

Life on the train, or walking in the park or watching the news.....Lying in the grass...that sort of stuff, vultures feeding too. Geronimo's dusty desert brawl in panavision then transfered to super 8. the walls flap, figures sail down a hall with brief cases. It all started in front of the Chateau Laurier, Ottawa. a few years later and something keeps me looking around the corner.

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