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Date: Thu Apr 29 2004 - 20:20:51 EDT

Dear Richard,

Wednesday, April 28, 2004, 5:31:08 PM, you wrote:

RW> Dear CEC

RW> I doing some research on historic Russian electroacoustic music and sound
RW> art with particular reference to music outside of established Western
RW> centres like Moscow.

RW> So I'm sounding out CEC as an early stop on my journey...

RW> I really want to find out what has been happening in the East. Who are the
RW> historical figures worth checking out? Who is making the music in remote
RW> Russia at present? Who are the academics versed in such stuff?? Who has the
RW> knowledge? Who has the archive recordings?

RW> Any leads would be gratefully appreciated.

RW> Best wishes

RW> Richard

It is sincerely glad to your interest to a state of affairs in electro-acoustic music taking place outside capital.
Unfortunately realities of a provincial life are those, that it is necessary to ascertain the fact of backlog in a
level of development of intellectual sound creativity and development of new musical technologies in a province.
It is the result of a full inattention on the part of the ministry of culture and the government to development
of the modern art in general and experimental / electro-acoustic music in particular. For the lack of target programs
on financing researches in the field of a sound and a new musical aesthetics, it is possible to name some centers
of electro-acoustic in direction electro-acoustic, experimental, interactive music from force, that as Russia
is not enough for such big country. As a rule such center becomes a place which has a rich history and open-mined people
in a context of development of musical technologies and the new approach to sound creativity. Here certainly on the
first place leaves the Moscow Theremin-center is practically the unique center of electro-acousticmusic in Russia
where at the academic level the aesthetics and the nature of a sound is investigated. Its history is connected about
activity of the whole generation of people being pride Russian of music.

However the situation in regions far from Moscow looks absolutely differently.
It is usually connected to absence of technical bases and not ordinary creative thinking of a great bulk of provincial
composers. But the first named factor is determining all the same. It is far from being many musical schools,
conservatories, have institutes of arts necessary technical maintenance for carrying out of field records,
hi-tech studio processing and so on. The situation has a little improved with arrival of the professional software
and the big weights of people had an opportunity to express the creative ideas in culture of a sound.
From among engineer - electronics and programmers, that is people not having music education, but possessing creative
thinking it is possible to allocate the perspective tendency of hobby with ideas of music. But in the majority
the of their works still is not high more enough to rise in one line with the academic western musicians.
Here shortage of open lectures and seminars under the theory of the modern music, new musical technologies,
compose technics, like Contemporary Music Summer School affects

At the moment besides Moscow it is possible to specify some centers of development of music and sound
Concentrates the attention to research of musical traditions of the Ural folklore and a new direction
of musical culture - electro-acoustic music. Exists since 1990. it has been organized by group of composers,
musicians, programmers and the sound producers working on the basis of the Cabinet of electroacoustics
and computer facilities in the Ural state conservatory by M.P.Musorgsky.
Komarova Tatyana Viktorovna, director of the Ekaterinburg Studio of electro-acoustic music.
E-mail:, The scientific research institute of an experimental aesthetics "Prometheus" is today
joint division The Kazan state technical university and Academy of sciences of Republic Tatarstan.
Collective " Prometheus " is engaged in research and an embodiment of the futurological concept of "son of lumiere"
and ideas of audiovisual synthesis by which author oustanding Russian composer A.Skrjabin
and the whole galaxy of Russian futurists is.

In Russia you can receive more full picture of a situation of development
of music having addressed directly to Edward Artemyev, director of Association of
electro-acoustic music of Russia

And also to Andrey Smirnov ( managing sector of electronic music of
laboratory of a sound recording of the Moscow conservatory, with 1992. the head of the -CENTER -
the center of electro-acoustic music and the multimedia, the Russian inventor of one named name
Lev Theremin-of the first electronic musical instruments.
The THEREMIN-CENTER( - attempt of creative
symbiosis of musicians, artists, designers and programmers. The main task of the Center search and
support of the most talented and not ordinary young musicians, sound producers, artists, programmers.

Sorry for my english.
I am glad, if have helped you in something.
Keep in touch, best to you,

Dmitry Staroverov

Best regards,

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