some of my mp3s

Subject: some of my mp3s
From: Matt J. Ingalls (
Date: Wed Apr 28 2004 - 17:33:03 EDT

some recent live recordings and one tape piece.
it would be really cool if you happen to have the
time to take a listen -- thanks!
-m [2004 - 31m]
helmut lachenmann's "allegro sostenuto" (1988)
[geoffrey gartner (cello), christopher jones (piano), matt ingalls (cl)]
sfSoundSeries, recorded live by scott looney 3/19/04

'In retrospect, the world premiere of Helmut Lachenmann's "Allegro
Sostenuto" in December 1989 at the Cologne Philharmonie can be seen as a
kind of re-birth of chamber music in the late 20th century. In countless
concerts and at least four CD recordings, Lachenmann's large-scale
clarinet trio has since offered ample evidence that "it has a clarity of
contour coupled with a shading of sonorities that I cannot imagine
anywhere else besides Debussy" (Jurg Stenzl)' [] [2003 - 8m]
live clarinet improvisation @ university of houston's opera house
11/29/03 what a treat to play in a hall designed for music! [duh] [2002 - 3m]
fixed media composition [2003 - 14m]
composition for clarinet & tape. live @ university of houston's opera
house 11/29/03 [2003 - 17m]
conducting & playing my minimalistic/improv composition
with the aura contemporary music ensemble.
live @ university of houston's opera house 11/29/03 [2003 - 5m]
iannis xenaxis' "charisma" (1971) [geoffrey gartner (cello), matt
ingalls (clarinet)]
recorded live by chris burns @ stanford university [2001 - 7m]
john shiurba's "F*%ing Corporate Fascist Bull$#!@ (for clarinet)"
recorded live @ cmc capp st. by joseph l. anderson

even more mp3s:


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