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Dealing with spam and unwanted commercial solicitations

Over the past few years, the amount of junk e-mail being sent has increased dramatically, and Alcor users are receiving their share. We now have system-wide "spam-catchers" which you can enable if you like; detailed instructions are found in the "Main" file referred to in the procmail basic installation, which you must perform before you can enable the spam-catchers.

If you make a change, don't forget to test the set-up after each change to ensure that your mail still works properly.

If you are considering enabling the spam-catchers, you should probably at least glance through the appropriate recipe files:

The spam-catchers recipes are maintained when we have time. Sometimes we fall behind. Sorry!

We periodically receive enquiries from people at other sites who'd like to make use of our spam-catching recipes, either individually or site-wide. The answer is yes, you may use them for any purpose you like; just remember that you do so at your own risk, and we disclaim any responsibility for the consequences of your using these recipes. Enjoy.

We also receive enquiries about the programs we use to synchronize our recipes with those very kindly provided by MindSpring, Panix, AOL, and J.D.Falk (see tag-radical above). We are happy to make them available, with the same disclaimers. The shell scripts, invoked daily via cron, are procmail_mindspring (Obsolete 2002 January), procmail_panix (Obsolete 2002 March), procmail_aol (Obsolete 1997 December), and procmail_jdfalk (Obsolete 1997 November)

If you're an offsite user building a parallel system to ours, you'll probably also need the support files Complaint.isp, Complaint.ordinary, Complaint.siteban, and Separator.

Copyright, © 2003, Concordia University, (IITS).
Author: Anne Bennett
Credits: Neil Schwartzman
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Last update: 2002/06/25 -- Anne Bennett

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