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Bouncing mail from jerks

So some jerk keeps sending you mail, and your polite note to them asking them to stop has had no effect. (You did write them a note asking them to stop, right?) How do you bounce their mail back to them? Read on.

First, make sure you have done the basic procmail installation. Then, proceed as follows:

  1. Install the file ~/.procmail/jerks, for which I also provide a template. To do so, use the command cp /local/etc/procmail/samples/jerks ~/.procmail/jerks
    In the menushell, remember to type a "!" before the rest of the command.

  2. Edit the "jerks" file, to indicate the address(es) whose mail you want to autoreply and junk, and the reasons. Further instructions are found in the file itself. Use the no-line-wrap ("-w") option to pico to avoid having long lines broken. You can edit the file with the command pico -w ~/.procmail/jerks
    or by way of menushell by choosing "File Management" then "Edit a File", then supplying "-w ~/.procmail/jerks" as the filename.

  3. Enable the jerk-bouncing recipes by editing the file "~/.procmail/Main" to remove the comment ("#") character in front of the line "INCLUDERC=jerks". I trust you now know how to edit a file!

  4. Test the set-up again to ensure that your mail still works properly.

A note to offsite users who wish to use these recipes: you're welcome to do so, but of course we disclaim any responsibility for the consequences. You'll need the support file

Copyright, © 2003, Concordia University, (IITS).
Author: Anne Bennett
Credits: Neil Schwartzman
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Last update: 1997/05/21 -- Anne Bennett

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