More on Flat-Rate Copyright Royalties (Was: Important Message)

Subject: More on Flat-Rate Copyright Royalties (Was: Important Message)
From: Peter Castine (
Date: Thu Dec 19 1996 - 16:48:30 EST

Cosimo Valela` wrote:
>The reality regarding this tax is that only the major labels and
>publishers will benefit and it is very unlikely independent artists
>/ recording companies will ever see any of these moneies.

This depends upon how it is implemented (by Canadian government and CMRRA
and other copyright associations).

>From what I know about the situation of composers in Canada (which is,
admittedly, superficial), Cosimo may possibly be right. Alas. OTOH, it is
the major labels and Michael Jacksons who are losing big time money to
pirate copying. Like, how many people are going around with bootleg copies
of my ``Entwicklung einer Stimme''?

(Not quite sure what the most appropriate smiley is...)



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