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Date: Wed Nov 27 1996 - 08:56:25 EST

On Wed, 27 Nov 1996, KEVIN AUSTIN wrote:

> Dave wrote:
> >*****DISCLAIMER****** I do NOT believe in Astrology, it's a load of
> >codswollop only followed by those who are unable to take responsibility
> >for their own lives and actions (cf. Ronald Reagan) - but, on the other
> >hand, it was fun to use it for something useful.....
> Spoken like a true Capricorn with Taurus ruling the ninth house. Well put!!

See what I mean? Like the good socialist I am, I arranged to be born on
on May Day, so that makes me a Taurus!

> PS Where did you get the tape for the Stockhausen? Could you provide more
> deatil on the production/presentation. Thanks

We couldn't get hold of a tape of the pieces in time to do the diffusion
work on it, so we used a vinyl source (!). Because of the relatively
narrow bandwidth of the music boxes, it was possible to filter off the
majority of the surface noise. If I do it again, I'll probably synthesise
the material using CSound. I used a program written by Sile O'Modhrain for
the CDP environment (called SurroundSound, see ICMC 1990 p121-123 for more
details) to place the sounds in thir proper spatial relationships using 3D
Ambisonic encoded format. Then another CDP program called Mix4 was used to
mix the four channel (B-format Ambisonic) files for the individual star
sign's at their levels accordding to my scheme mentioned in the earlier
posting. That generated a series of twelve mixed files which were then
re-processed with SurroundSound to give them rotation, such that when each
was played out in sequence, the whole Zodiac appeared to rotate about the
listener in the correct manner. This was done using the sequencing
facilities in the Sound Maestro Hard Disk editing software (which had to
be fooled into thinking it was dealing with 2 rather than 4 channel
files!). This was all done on Atari Mega ST computers, so some of the
processes took quite some time - but then it was 1990. The four channel
output from the CDP system was specially built but did become available as
an upgrade to the DatDac box. Playback was via a four speaker Ambisonic
system which was tilted to the correct angle to give the right celestial
declination - a bit of a cheat, but we'd run out of speakers to put up
another rig - which the audience walked through on their way to the
concert hall for our Electric Zodiac production, where the rest of our
speakers were in use in full 3-D Ambisonic rig.

Hope that helps, as far as details go. I would , however, like to add, in
these days of people sampling off records without asking permission or
paying royalties, we DID get permission and paid the appropriate fees for
so doing.

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