Spolecnost pro ea hudbu

Subject: Spolecnost pro ea hudbu
From: KEVIN AUSTIN (KAUSTIN@vax2.concordia.ca)
Date: Wed Nov 06 1996 - 01:53:27 EST

From: IN%"A.Cipriani@agora.stm.it" 5-NOV-1996 10:06:15.52
Subj: The Spolecnost pro elektroakustickou hudbu

                     (Society for Electroacoustic Music)
                                   and the
                       Foundation of Czech Music Fund

                               MUSICA NOVA 96
               International Electroacoustic Music Competition

                       PRIZE-WINNING COMPOSERS 1996 !

                               MUSICA NOVA 96
                               FINAL PROTOCOL

JURY: Dr. Zdenka CECHOVA, Dr. Wanda DOBROVSKA, Ing. Juraj DURIS, Dr.

     KADUCH, Ing. Karel ODSTRCIL, Prof. Alois PINOS, Mgr. Rudolf RUZICKA

                104 pieces were considered from 22 countries
                       Praha -Prague, October 27, 1996

Category A (electrocoustic music )

 Grand Prize Not Awarded
 Main Prize Marc Ainger (USA) Lament
 Main Prize Charles Bestor (USA) Into the Labyrinth

 Special Prize Mathew Adkins (England) Pagan Circus

 Special Prize John Levack Drever Butterfly Lovers

 Prize for Best Czech
 Composition Emil Viklicky (CR) Rajska Zahrada

 Honorable Mention Adrian Moore (U.K.) Junky


Category B (multimedia projects using electroacoustic music)

Grand Prize Not Awarded

Main Prize Alessandro Cipriani (Italy) Terra Fluida
Main Prize Mario Verandi (England) Effected

Prizes will be presented during the award concert in December 1996 in

The awarded compositions will be performed at concerts organized by the
Society for Electroacoustic Music and broadcasted by radio and TV.

               Karel ODSTRCIL
               Chairman of the Rudolf RUZICKA
               Competition Chairman of the Jury
               Rules 1996

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