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blasthaus presents:

WAVICLE illuminatta
light art in the wake of the millenium

recent work by MILTON KOMISAR and



217 2nd Street
San Francisco


San Francisco- blasthaus gallery presents Wavicle Illuminatta; an exhibition
featuring the work of two contemporary light artists. The exhibition runs
from July 11 to August 22, 1996 with a reception for the artists on Thursday
July 11, 1996 from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

The physicist's dilemma of trying to determine if light was a wave or
particle underscores the multiple approaches scientists and artists have used
to discover and understand the properties and essences of light. Indeed,
physicists have determined that light has the properties of both a wave and a
particle and could be described as a wavicle. Wavicle Illuminatta features
Lee Roy Champagne and Milton Komisar-two contemporary light artists who
approach the medium and achieve vastly different results. As with the
physicists, each artist has discovered the many properties of this illusive
medium within the context of culture. The wave-particle duality serves as a
metaphor for the different approaches that Komisar and Champagne take in
harnessing and contextualizing this powerful medium.

Milton Komisar creates dynamic computer-controlled light sculptures which can
be understood from an orchestral sense. His sculptures reveal themselves in
real time, as multiple light is pulsed through open and airy webs of acrylic
rods and geometric orbs. Darting violets and reds, bursts of magenta and cool
blues engulf and surround the viewer. These pieces induce the viewer to sit
and spend time as the works unfold and reveal different patterns and themes.
His primary palette of red, blue and green light create an astounding
variation of color and form which is both fleeting and intangible. They arise
into a semblance of order and discovery which point to the properties of
light that can be rationally seen, but never entirely grasped.

Lee Roy Champagne creates neon-illuminated sculptures that make strong
spiritual references to light and dark, ignorance and enlightenment within
the context of the "church of art." Champagne's work recreates the ascendent
experience of the luminations of birth, where light symbolizes health,
education, the "holy"; while the dark is seen as evil and void of hope. His
work embodies the dualistic contradictions of perception in which what and
how we see is ultimately a reflection of our subjective experiences and
revealing of our own ego.

blasthaus is a gallery devoted to the convergence of art and technology,
including mechanical sculpture, interactive installations, sound art,
robotics, video, light art, multimedia and performance. Founded in April,
1995 the gallery is focused exclusively on tech-art.

Location: 217 Second Street in San Francisco
Hours: Tue-Fri 11-6pm and Sat noon-5pm
Gallery info: (415) 789-8212.

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