Re: Tape performance question

Subject: Re: Tape performance question
From: Ned Bouhalassa (ned@CAM.ORG)
Date: Fri Jul 05 1996 - 13:24:26 EDT

Paul Steenhuisen wrote:
> recently i was the performer of the electroacoustic part in my
>piece for orchestra with tape and soprano. i asked the cbc at that time
>if i was indeed going to be paid as a performer for my role in the
>piece. thus far i have received only "wishy-washy, we'll look into it"
>types of answers. what experience do others have in this area?

I have been paid as a sound projectionist on several occasions. I seem to
recall that there was some payment during ->PERSPECTIVES->->, the CEC 1991
Electroacoustic Days (KA?), and that the Montreal group ACREQ has in the
past (and in the present?AT?) paid its performers, be they on the stage or
behind the mixing board. The usual amount is somewhere between 50 and 100

Paul, please feel free to forward this message to the CBC.

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