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Subject: Re: On Journals
From: Andrew Czink (
Date: Fri Jun 21 1996 - 16:08:15 EDT

>> Mr AJ Moore wrote:
>> > > I should stress that I have nothing *against* cross-media art per
>> > > se - I don't do it myself because I guess I'm just old-fashioned in
>> > > assuming that as a composer, my skill-set lies in the handling of
>> > > not visual images etc.
>> > >
>> > that's whats so good about collaboration. Why composers want to do it
>> > all themselves seems quite egocentric to me.
>> Really? Why would that be?
>because it seems more artistically challenging and productive to collaborate.
>Can one not cite opera as a prime example too?. (except for "Licht" perhaps)

        More logistically challenging perhaps, but I don't see any direct
relationship between collaborative projects and artistic challenge and
productivity. This seems to be some bizarre pseudo-egalitarianism that
really has no place in artistic creation. It's very difficult to master
multiple media to a level where each can stand on its own let alone
together in some sort of coherent multisensory production/piece/whatever.
So perhaps collaboration MAY be more productive when an artist's vision
exceeds his understanding and ability with multiple media. I'd
also go so far as to say that artistic creation is fundamentally egocentric
because it has to do with a person articulating some vision and I generally
find non-collaborative works more compelling than the collaborative variety
(still, of course allowing for the impossible nature of "soloing" with some
sorts of work like opera perhaps).
        Just for the record I work both on my own and collaboratively on a
regular basis, and while the collaborative productions have been excellent
processes in their own right (in terms of a learning experience etc.), that
fact isn't significant to the final product/work etc.. It may be
therapeutic to me, but I suspect nobody else cares at all about my therapy
sessions as I don't care about theirs. As far as I'm concerned please keep
your therapy to yourself (that's a collective you, not anyone personally
:-)), and let me experience your vision.


Andrew Czink

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