recent Toronto ea activity

Subject: recent Toronto ea activity
From: James Montgomery (
Date: Fri Feb 16 1996 - 13:25:25 EST

On February 15 the Canadian Electronic Ensemble, ably assisted by Sarah
Peebles and local CEC members, hosted a presentation of recent work by
HILDEGARD WESTERKAMP at the CEE studio. The evening, deemed a geat success,
promises to be the first of a continuing series. Hildegard goes on to
Peterborough (ON) for a February 16 presentation at Artspace.

On February 11, Continuum, Toronto new music producers, presented a concert
of acoustic and ea music at the Music Gallery. Included were:

        JOHN CELONA "Pacific Rims" (digital tape, 1987)
        PAUL DOLDEN ""In a Bed Where the Moon was Sweating:
                                  Resonance #1" (clarinet and DAT, 1993)
        SEAN VARAH "Aria" ('cello and DAT, 1993)

performers: Peter Stoll, clarinet and Paul Widner, 'cello

I hadn't heard the Varah before, and (IMV)it's a wonderful piece, seamlessly
creating a huge sound-world that gratefully accepts the 'cello. Turns out
Sean is a student of Mario Davidovsky. One of the pleasures of advancing
time is to be able to see these relationships, not as derivitives, but as
growth. T'was a great evening.

Jim Montgomery

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