Re: Toronto CEC web page!

Subject: Re: Toronto CEC web page!
Date: Tue Jan 30 1996 - 02:19:00 EST

In Rob's posting he mentioned 'cluttering up this list' with notices of
meetings. Sorry to disagree, but information about what is going on,
where, when and how, is, IMHO, the life-blood of the development of our

Have you noticed that since Contact! stopped publishing a Calendar of
events, past, present and future, it appears that there is almost no ea
activity in Canada any more.

I for one do not have (easy and full) access from home to the web, and
after spending (n) hours a day reading eMail, do not have the energy to
'try to find' information. I think that there is a fundamental difference
between information that is provided and information that has to be
looked for.

Community will develop through communication provided. Or that has been
my exprience anyway (but I'm just an old ea/cm fogey).

Kevin Austin
Cloudy -5 Montreal (phatic statement)

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