Re: Permission to perform

Subject: Re: Permission to perform
From: Peter Castine (
Date: Thu Jan 18 1996 - 04:03:20 EST

At 10:36 Uhr 17-1-1996, James Paul Sain wrote about performing copyright works:
> It would be nice if BMI, ASCAP, STIM, et al would also be notified.


The word is ``mandatory.'' At least in this country.

Is notification of the national copyright association really _optional_ in
the US? Canada?

I would be interested in hearing from folks who can answer this question
authoritatively (not only from North America, but from other countries as

(I do remember Chris Yavelow telling me something about American composers
having to register performances with ASCAP or BMI in order to receive
royalties--I am at a loss at how to describe this practice in terms other
than ``it sucks.'' Seems likes one more reason to live as an expatriate



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