Re: ICMA and Latin America

Subject: Re: ICMA and Latin America
From: Stephen Travis Pope (stp@cnmat.CNMAT.Berkeley.EDU)
Date: Mon Nov 13 1995 - 13:39:15 EST

I'm a bit surprized that nobody has responded to
Martin Fumarola's note in Array with respect to
his statement of the "closed" nature of the society
he describes. ICMA is open to anyone who is remotely
interested in EAM, regardless of whether or not they
are active practicioners. In his note in Array, Mr.
Fumarola states that the Argentinian society will
accept as members *only* active composers who produce
computer music--i.e., not instrumental composers,
students, hobbyists, etc.

I have a problem with this exclusionary attitude,
and wonder what steps ICMA would take to insure that
potential national organizations adhere to some
minimal set of standards. This will get to be a
stickier and sticker issue as the number of
national organizations grows. In some cases,
competing local organization might use the "blessing"
of ICMA as part of a regional power play.

How can ICMA keep from being sucked into this?


__Stephen Travis Pope, Editor--Computer Music Journal, MIT Press
__Research Associate--CNMAT, Dept. of Music, U. C. Berkeley;

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