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Subject: Re: ICMA and Latin America
Date: Sat Nov 11 1995 - 02:51:32 EST

From: IN%"" "Lydia" 10-NOV-1995 18:05:57.45
Subj: RE: ICMA and Latin America


The ICMA doesn't propose, and then put on, the conferences -
people do! It would be great to have one in South America -
do you have a volunteer in mind? The conference chair is an
unpaid position, and it's a lot of work. You can hire a
conference administrator to help- IF you have enough funding.

The role of the ICMA is to review the proposals they receive for
each year's conference, and then make a decision. Normally they
don't twist arms to get proposals. The selection takes place
years in advance because it takes that long to organize a
conference. (I'll spare you the details). After they choose a
location for the conference, they provide you with plenty of
encouragement and advice.

If you would like to host a conference, please contact
Stephen Arnold for details. (There is also a conference
planning guide.)

Best wishes,

Lydia Ayers
Conference Chair
ICMC 1996
Hong Kong

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