Bounced Mail RE: Stock

Subject: Bounced Mail RE: Stock
Date: Fri Sep 15 1995 - 10:24:54 EDT

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Date: Fri, 15 Sep 1995 01:00:45 -0400
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From: thibaul@CAM.ORG (Alain Thibault)
Subject: Stockhausen at ACREQ

I really have to answer to Mr Claude Schryer who seems to like to wash his
dirty laundry in public.
>From my point of view this was suppose to be an ACREQ/ISEA coproduction. It
was possible to add the Stock. work to the ACREQ's concert with the help of
ISEA. After looking at the budget (which wasn't so big) ISEA didn't or
couldn't (I don't know anything about their financial situation) spend the
same amount than us. Their politic is not paying any artists' fees. Anyway
this shouldn't concern the community, this is business between two
societies. I don't (but I do) understand why C.Scrhyer is bringing that to
you. So...

...and I should add that, I quite sure that Stockhausen would had cancelled
it himself, because the 5e Salle of La Place des Arts doesn't correspond to
the dimension he was expecting. That hall was too low and we could not have
create a cube for the 8 speakers system. ACREQ is planning a octophonic
concert next year with, of course, the North American premiere of this
Stock. work. I have just found the perfect place for that kind of
production. If anybody have any suggestion for works that can be presented
for that set-up, please let me know.


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