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Subject: Re: ASOs...
From: Piche Jean (pichej@ERE.UMontreal.CA)
Date: Fri Jul 21 1995 - 12:55:45 EDT

> The bottom line, as far as I am concerned must be does the organization
> meet the needs of its members and will they, can they support it. If not
> - then it is of no use and if yes then we can begin talking about how to
> help it survive. If the CMC does not meet ht eneed sof all of its
> members then some will quit or start another group or a splinter faction
> if history is any guide. by the way the CMC does not consider itself an
> ASo and rejects its classification in this category. This, of course,
> makes their discussin of the topic one of an informed outsider.
The CMC may claim they are not an ASO but that does'nt change the page
under which their name comes up in the budget sheets at CC. The problem
is that the CMC is a sacred cow and the CC has always been scared of it.
The thing has just enough size to be a self-sustaining animal. You can
cut down its food allocation but you cant kill the animal...cuz it has
those big bad horns and its blood would splatter far and wide...

> As to cutting the ASo's in favour of the artists - I too am in favour as
> long as there remains a means of having the necessary functions of the
> organization as it serves what are real needs of the members happen
> elsewhere. Robert Normandeau's and Bruno's plea for more conferences
> could never happen if Jean's cuts are realized.

Precisely my point. Conferences and festivals are 'productions' There are
ressources for that (touch wood) and Allan is an expert at fishing out
the pools...On the other hand they will likely be no ressources for just
pretending to make things happen, like the CMC has been doing for years
and the CEC has so far avoided doing...

> And to Jean what will the Canada Council do about the Symphony Orchestra
> Association - surely anyone who reads the CC's bottom line will see that
> they take the largest share of the ASo pie if you agree that the CMC is
> not an ASo.

Last time I looked the ASOs were getting this:

CMC ~475000 (I think they are an ASO)
ACSO 25000 (the ortchestras)
CLC 13000
CEC 5000

Take away the CMC and the rest is irrelevant peanuts. Who gets the nut
and who gets the shell is besides the point...
> If the CMC spoke for Canadian Music and not only for its memebrs then
> perhaps we could solve the problem. In fact there are only three ASO's
> within the definiton that the CC put forward and to which Simone and her
> board cling and the CMC is outside of the loop.
By negociating with us little jerks, Simone and the CMC would defacto admit the
CMC is not fulfilling its mandate properly. Which is why the umbrella organiza-
tion is not exactly a dynamic anyone...We are all content with
our daya to day operations - which is not in the least a slight on the efforts
of Al and other to get it going...but frankly, the CC can handily use this as
a nice instance that proves that you people (CMC,CEC,CLC) can't deliver the
goods...To the CC the CMC is a bona fide ASO and chances are it will stay
that way.

I basically think that taking on the CMC is a waste of time...Simone will
talk you to death, but the bootom line says she does'nt have the means to
cover our needs (ea).

> Me I think that feeding truck drivers is essential.

>As the last surviving Ivory billed woodpecker was killed and eaten by a
>Mexican truck Driver he was asked what he thought about the fact that he
>had eaten the last of a species " Might tasty piece of meat " he said!

burp! bad


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